Maratea is the only access that Basilicata has to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its origins date back to the Bronze Age. This village was built on the mountainside of the San Biagio Mountain, overlooking the Policastro Gulf. This Gulf is bordered by some very beautiful beaches.

On the side of this village which overlooks the shore, there is a Belvedere with a Statue of the Redentore, by Bruno Innocenti. In the village there are 44 churches. Along the shore there are several Sighting Towers built up in the XVI century. In the area called ‘Marina’ the evocative Maratea Caves can be found.

Worth visiting are the old centre, on a higher position, and the Small Square. Many events are organised during the summer, such as Marajazz, Marateatro, Maratea Musica Festival and the ‘Caseus premium’.

10 Things to do in Maratea

1. Touching the Redeemer Statue. Admiring the breathtaking view over the whole Gulf of Policastro, having a walk up to the foot of the impressive statue and then taking the opportunity to visit the nearby Basilica which keeps the relics of Maratea’s patron Saint, San Biagio. Before you leave, do not forget to take home a souvenir.

2. Visiting the 44 churches. Reserve at least a visit to some of the main Maratea’s churches, most of them located in the Old Town, among which the mother-church and the “Annunziata” church. Many others are scattered throughout the territory. Some of them, such as the “Madonna della Pietà” church, can be reached walking through short but striking paths in the countryside.

3. Looking at the coast from sea. Enjoying one of the planned boat trips or letting yourself be carried by wind on old sailing ships, or even renting a boat to explore the many bays you will find along the coast. For active people, a kayak trip is the ideal way to explore the beautiful sea caves. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the nearby Santo Janni Island.

4. Walking along paths with sea view. Several striking paths running along the coast and among the hills will let you feel a unique experience in unusual places, walking without losing sight of the sea. You can choose among several routes of different difficulty levels to go through by bike or on horseback, by yourself or together with expert local guides.

5. Getting lost in the alleys of the Old Town. The picturesque alleys of the old town host local handicraft shops, small restaurants, interesting art expositions and the “De Lieto” Museum, dedicated to underwater archeology. Walking through the alleys you will reach the heart of the old town, Piazza Buraglia, the ideal place where sitting at a table of a coffee bar and having breakfast in the morning or having a chat after dinner.

6. Bathing in the 21 beaches. You can choose between pebble coves or sandy beaches surrounded by blooming vegetation to relax on a towel or on a sun lounger beside the shore, enjoying the facilities of private beaches. Do not forget your diving mask to discover the seabed rich in fish and posidonias. Also, do not miss the typical dish served on the beach, the “fresella”.

7. Having a drink at the harbor. Aperitif is the right occasion to sit at a table and relax, looking at the returning boats and enjoying the last rays of sun. Afterwards, you can have dinner in one of the restaurants with breathtaking view on the harbor and have a romantic walk on the pier, admiring the soft lights of the boats. In the evening the harbor grows busier and a cocktail with friends becomes a must.

8. Tasting Basilicata’s fish and meat-based dishes. What is the best way to discover a country if not tasting its food? Even better in a typical restaurant with local products where you will enjoy meat and cheese, together with a glass of fine Aglianico wine or, for lovers of seafood cooking, taste local fish. A dessert not to be missed to conclude your meal is the traditional “bocconotto”.

9. Discovering the hamlets of the wide territory. The six coastal hamlets (Acquafredda, Cersuta, Fiumicello, Porto, Marina and Castrocucco) spread along the 32-kilometer-coast of Maratea, offer characteristic views on their beautiful beaches. The three mountain hamlets (Santa Caterina, Massa and Brefaro) located at the foot of Monte San Biagio, preserve gastronomical traditions. In summer do not miss the typical village feasts.

10. Flying over the Gulf of Policastro. It is a unique, exciting experience: taking off by paraglide from Acquafredda or from Monte San Biagio, drifting along pushed by wind and landing in the end on one of the many beaches. The stunning view from sky will be one of the unforgettable memories of your holidays, immortalized by photos taken from a really unusual point of view.